Top 3 Great Tourist destinations in the North of Vietnam

There are tourists who are looking for a different travel experience. If you are coming to a particular country or city, the usual lifestyle and attractions will be there. Consider having the busy towns with full of live entertainment, drinking and dancing. Those things are the same even in your local cities.

How about coming to the Northern part of Vietnam? You might have been to the Ho Chi Minh City, where a real city life is experienced. But, in the Northern part of Vietnam, you have ample things to do. This region might be in a countryside, but as a tourist, the natural and amazing beauty of this region is a must-see attraction. So, if you are planning to book one of your travel destinations in the North, then here are some great spots for you.

Tourist Destinations to Visit

  • Ha Long Bay

You can find Ha Long Bay in Cam Pha that belongs to the district of Van Don. The Ha Long Bay is a famous tourist destination in Ha Long City and then, its natural beauty has led the bay to be considered as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. If you are going to cruise along the Ha Long Bay, you will find limestone karsts and various isles. And then, if you are sailing in the northeastern part of Ha Long Bay, you will find the Bai Tu Long Bay. But, if you are going to sail in the southwestern part of the Ha Long Bay, then you will find the Cat Ba Island.

If you are going to explore more of the Ha Long Bay, you will find here a cluster of islands and caves. One of the most visited caves in Ha Long Bay is the Hang Dau Go or the Wooden Stakes Cave, where you can find the biggest grotto in the area. (more…)