Tips For Sleep With Back / Pelvis Complaints

For all ladies! This has helped me! I learned this during my work at the orthopedic ward in the hospital! But maybe you pregnant ladies also have something too!

The trouble with back or pelvic pain is that every position is painful. But a good night’s sleep is so important! So how can you be best to keep as bearable as possible the pain … It is best to opt for a pregnancy pillow.

Back and pelvis problems. The symptoms vary by person, but everyone is hurt terribly. And then the rest is oh so important. But how can relieve your pressure on your spine and pelvis? Below are tips to help you correct your posture for a better night’s sleep.

sleep well during pregnancy

Medically Justifiable Bed

Bed is very personal. One is lovely on a hard mattress, the other on a very soft bed. Studies have shown that an ideal sleeping position in bed, which can be measured each person is a perfect mattress too. The only drawback of these mattresses is that they are so comfortable that you have trouble sleeping if you stay out (for example, at the campsite or in a hotel). They have only standard mattresses. It’s certainly worth experimenting first with recumbent positions before proceeding to purchase a medically sound bed. What do you regard yourself bed: a bed slightly above seat height is the most ideal. Then it takes the least effort to lie down and stand. In homecare his bed raisers to borrow (a type of feet for under your bed). Beer crates also work if your bed is too small.

Get In Bed

Go straight back down on the bed edge. Then lie down sideways. It is important that you put your legs in one motion line with your upper body in bed. Knees together, ankles against each other. Not first lie inboard and then your legs. Simultaneous lie down and pull your legs in bed. If it is not without support? Use your arms. You can click on the arm on the side where you want to be lean. The other arm can be customized for your body along well in bed. Now slowly bend your arms until you are on your side is. Do not forget to bring your legs in motion. Still overweight? You can hire a high-low bed through home care. This has a “parrot.” That is such a triangle hanging that you can pull up over your bed, or when getting into bed can be lowered.

Get Out Of Bed

tips for sleep well during pregnancy

Your muscles will be stiff if you want to get up. Before you get up, it is, therefore, wise to have just to lie on your back and raise your legs in the corner of 90graden keeping your feet on the bed. Breathe several times deeply through your nose toward your belly, and breathe out through your mouth. Roll up your muscles gently release your knees to move slowly to the left and to the right (waving your legs while your feet remain on the ground). The extent to which you do depends on your can.

Do not go by your pain threshold. Then tighten your leg muscles a moment. Put your feet flat, pull your toes toward you and push your knees into the mattress. Then release and repeat a few times. Then you roll quietly on your side toward the side where you want to get out of bed. Get off works like boarding. Put your feet on the edge of the bed. Legs are bent.

Use your legs as a lever, so you sit upright in one motion and your feet on the ground. This will be hefty in the early days of your rehabilitation. Use at the beginning the support of your arms. Put both hands down beside your head and push yourself with both arms up as you lower your legs beside the bed. Try to keep your back straight. Still overweight? Then such a “parrot” excellent to raise up! The posture and movement always remain the same. Give yourself some time to recover before you get up.

Applies to all positions: try it out. The thickness of the pads is very personal. One can find a very thick pillow between the knees pleasant, the other a fragile cushion. Should you although these tips can not sleep well: please contact your doctor. Sleep is critical for your recovery!

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